Tasting Costs

The cost of our whisky tastings is calculated individually as each event is different in terms of numbers attending, the  location and the actual whiskies selected with other variables coming into play.

By providing us with basic details we can begin to work out a provisional price.

The type of whiskies to be utilised can cause a variance on price per head as we would select a range depending on the participants previous whisky experience.

For  example a tasting for a group of friends interested in exploring whisky a little further from a basic range  can be satisfied by providing a range of interesting whiskies with different characters but priced in an affordable manner.

An experienced group who are regular whisky drinkers and perhaps have already explored many different types might appreciate a range of older drams, something harder to find, limited editions or single cask whiskies. 

As a rough guide a figure of between £20- £40 per person might be realistic to budget on depending on the criteria above, and the number of whiskies to be samples per person. Please bear in mind that each event is tailored to your own requirements

Please use our contact form to provide some information to help us create and agree a budget for you